Our Capital Markets & Securities department is the largest and most prominent department in Israel and has been consistently involved in the most significant, complex and ground-breaking deals in Israel. The department is recognised as a leader in both international and domestic guides.

Our team's in-depth knowledge and experience in this field allows us to provide creative legal advice to address our clients’ specific needs. Moreover, our deep connections with regulators and authorities in Israel as well as familiarity with the U.S., European, enable us to find innovative solutions in a highly regulated and complex environment.

Our team is well known across the Israeli market as the team of choice for complex capital markets advice, and has successfully negotiated some of the largest and most complex administrative-enforcement settlements between Israeli companies and the Israeli Securities Authority ("ISA"). We specialise in all aspects of capital and debt funding and have special expertise in securities-related transactions. We are experts in advising on public equity and debt offerings, corporate finance transactions, asset management activity, as well as on ongoing activities, reporting and regulatory requirements, investment banking and more.

Our department principally provides advice in the following areas:

  • Publicly-Traded Companies and Public and Private Issuances of Securities – advising on public offerings (equity and debt) and private placements of securities globally, in various Stock Exchanges (e.g. the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange, AIM, Singapore Exchange and more).
  • Ongoing Advice to Publicly-Traded Companies – advising on ongoing activities, reporting requirements and other regulated matters such as: M&A, finance or bond transactions, partnership and joint-venture ongoing advisory services, shareholder agreements, voting agreements, advising management, board and independent committees, advising on officer service agreements and compensation, compensation policies, option plans and agreements, change of control agreements (including during proxy fights), anti-takeover measures and minority protectionissues
  • Alternative Investment Practice – advising in this regard includes "out of the box", unique, and unprecedented public offering structures, discussions with the ISA and preparation of public offering prospectuses.
  • Asset Management – assisting entities in their investments, capital market-related activity and in adapting their internal work procedures to comply with the ever-changing regulatory requirements. We advise on issues concerning provident funds, mutual funds, portfolio management, stock-exchange members’ activity, ETFs and underwriting, distribution of traded securities and insurance agencies' activity.


  • Regulatory Advice on Corporate and Securities Matters – advising on regulatory requirements, market customs and Fintech products offerings for transactions, general investment matters, ongoing activity of provident fund and mutual fund managers as well as portfolio management issues.
  • Private Investment Funds, Foreign Stock Exchanges and Online Financial Platforms – advising international regulators (such as FCA, SEC, etc.) with respect to their entrance into activity in Israel.
  • Advising on cross-border investment management, investment banking and securities brokering, as well as the regulatory and licensing implications of cross-border services.
  • Social Finance & Crowdfunding
  • Anti-takeover measures and strategic investors – including advice on dealing with against activist shareholders, hostile takeovers and similar issues. Our department is a pioneer in this field, advising on ground-breaking issues which have not yet been brought to courts in Israel.
  • The Israeli Anti-Concentration Law – advising entities and high net worth individuals and families by analysing the applicability of the Anti-Concentration Law on a case-by-case basis, in order to provide a "tailor-made" solution for the client, including with respect to cross-holding issues.
  • Trading platforms, stock exchanges and distribution of financial assets – advising international and Israeli trading platforms and stock exchanges in various unique fields related to their activities, with respect to both regulatory issues and business-legal issues. The team also provides regulatory advice to worldwide leading investment houses, investment marketers, portfolio managers, investment advisors, local distributors, numerous private funds, international banks and other financial institutions in various issues related to public offerings and investment advice, including in connection with global funds.
  • Prime Services, Equities – advising foreign financial institutions in relation to settlement/payment systems and custodian and clearing arrangements on the TASE and TACH, both in their capacity as market traders and as prospective members of the TASE.

Ehud Sol


Capital Markets & Securities, Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Privatisation & Restructuring

Ilanit Landesman Yogev


Capital Markets & Securities, Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions

Nir Dash


Capital Markets & Securities, Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Privatisation & Restructuring

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