Impact & ESG Investment

ESG Investment

ESG (environmental, social and governance) is increasingly heard in capital markets. Tracking ESG factors in a business for operating companies and their investors include effects of (E) climate change, pollution, and carbon footprints, (S) treatment of employees like working conditions, health and safety, supply chains, and local communities, and (G) board diversity, corruption, bribery, executive compensation and political lobbying. Whether it is advising on applicable regulatory requirements or analyzing policy effects on ESG, Herzog’s diversified experts are leading clients in the mainstreaming of ESG in our global economy.

ESG Investment News & Insights

Janet Levy Pahima

Of Counsel

Commercial, Corporate, Hi Tech, Mergers & Acquisitions

Liat Maidler


Banking & Finance, Capital Markets & Securities, Corporate, Financial Regulation

Ruth Dagan (Dr.)


Crisis Management, Environment & Climate Change, Litigation

Hen Tirosh


Class Actions, Environment & Climate Change

Daniel Kaczelnik


Banking & Finance, Capital Markets & Securities, Corporate, Financial Regulation, Fintech

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