Maria Oren Leyfer


Maria’s background includes extensive knowledge and experience in economic and technological matters, as well as managing economic criminal cases.
Maria served as an intern, and then as a lawyer, in the Investigations, Intelligence, and Market Surveillance department at the Israel Securities Authority, where she provided legal counsel throughout various stages of investigations and worked with a range of enforcement authorities, including Lahav 433 police unit, the Israel Money Laundering Authority, the Tax Authority, and the Competition Authority.

She was involved in handling complex financial cases that gained significant public attention, such as “Nitsba”, “Bezeq investigation,” “Case 4000” and others.
Before that, Maria held several operational positions in the Israel Police.

As a defense attorney in the white-collar department, Maria has worked on cases such as the elevator cartel case, the Beit-Shemesh municipality bribery case, the “1000 complex” (David Bitan) case, the “Unet Credit” case, administrative cases at the Israel Securities Authority and more
Adv. Maria Leyfer is part of the litigation department in the field of white collar and special solutions.

Contact Info

Tel: +9723-6922020 Fax: +9723-6966464 V-card
Maria Oren Leyfer
  • 2018
  • LL.B, University of Haifa.
  • B.A in Economics, University of Haifa
  • LL.M Law and Technology, Haifa University
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