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A Career at Herzog Fox & Neeman

Putting people first

We invest in our people because there is nothing like team work when striving to reach new and exciting heights. Together we have created the strongest and most diverse legal community in Israel. Excellence means learning from the best and enjoying mutual accomplishments that lead to professional individual and team achievements.

People with a sparkle in their eyes

The cooperation between us and our clients in Israel and around the world ensures that we maintain long-term relationships with our staff in order to bring our clients the most professional creative and groundbreaking solutions– without compromise. Together we overcome legal, technological and business challenges and enjoy an innovative and positive cross-border work environment.  This is how we translate our heritage and strength at Herzog into winning strategic consulting to our clients in a wide variety of areas.

#Herzog style

We invite you to be part of a winning team – to strive for excellence, lead without compromise and to grow together.

We provide our staff with an innovative, empowering, stabile, rewarding and vibrant work environment with excellent conditions and options for personal growth.

We would be happy to meet with you to discuss your next career move.

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There are no open positions at the moment.

Are you a skilled lawyer looking to make an impact in the fast-paced world of Internet and e-commerce law? Herzog Fox Neeman, Israel’s leading law firm, is seeking a talented individual to join our team in the Internet and E-Commerce Department.

Job Description:

  • Drafting commercial agreements
  • Negotiating diverse and complex commercial agreements and transactions
  • Providing ongoing support and advice to significant Israeli and international clients
  • Accompanying investment agreements and merger and acquisition agreements (M&A)
  • At least 1-3 years of experience in the commercial legal field
  • High level of English proficiency
  • Ability to conduct negotiations and draft agreements
  • Teamwork skills
  • Willingness to work in a diverse and dynamic environment
    If you have a passion for commercial law, negotiation skills, and a desire to work with top Israeli and international clients, this is the opportunity for you. Join our team at Herzog Fox Neeman and be part of a collaborative environment that values excellence and innovation.


Please send your CV to with 1291 in the subject line.

We are looking for highly talented individuals to join our supportive and motivating team that deals with cutting-edge legal and business challenges on a daily basis and represents clients in high-profile cross-border M&A and financing transactions.

Working in the leading hi-tech group in Israel, the candidate will provide ongoing legal counsel for global technology companies, fast-growing startups and prominent investors, on all legal aspects of their activities.


  • An experience of one year or more as an attorney in Hi-Tech, M&A, IP or Corporate department – a must.
  • English at a native level.
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently and creatively in a fast-paced environment.


Please send your CV to with 1247 in the subject line.

Herzog Fox & Neeman is recruiting a lawyer for our International Arbitration Department

Key responsibilities:

Diverse work on litigation and international arbitration cases, legal advice for the firm’s clients, accompanying criminal proceedings in foreign countries and more.

This is a fascinating and challenging role in a unique and dynamic department.


  • 3-6 years of experience in international litigation
  • Previous experience in arbitration is an advantage
  • Excellent English – a must
  • Thoroughness, professionalism, and good interpersonal relations


Please send your CV to with 1270 in the subject line.

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    Life at

    What makes Herzog Fox & Neeman stand out?

    I found my place in the firm right away. I knew where I was going and the team knew I was coming. The integrated world of technology and law is very interesting and I really wanted to get there. I wasn’t thrown in at the deep end right away, instead they encouraged me to learn and understand better. Slowly I got more and more work to do, and they monitored my work in order to help me improve. They spend a lot of time here giving feedback to the interns and answering questions. Experienced attorneys spend their valuable time assisting the interns and answering questions.  I think I made a great decision; this is such a fascinating, interesting and dynamic field and I came across some of the most interesting companies. It also creates challenges, such as the need to catch up on the technological stuff. In the beginning, I took several courses to fully understand our client’s world.

    I joined Herzog Fox & Neeman in 2000 “fresh off the boat” when I emigrated to Israel from England having just graduated from Cambridge University. Herzog Fox & Neeman was the obvious choice for me having such a strong reputation in cross-border work and with an international department populated with people many of whom, like me, had either grown up abroad or lived for a considerable period of time there.

    I spent two years at Herzog Fox & Neeman training and qualified as an Israeli lawyer after sitting the bar exam in 2002. My training period at Herzog Fox & Neeman was a lot of hard work but also fun as I got to do a wide variety of work and was given the opportunity to take on increasing amounts of responsibility as confidence in my abilities grew despite my junior status. I arrived in Israel with very basic Hebrew indeed but it quickly improved once I started refusing to respond to colleagues in English (Israelis only of course!).

    I was admitted as a solicitor in New South Wales (Australia) three days before I left the country. The day after I arrived, I had an interview at Herzog Fox & Neeman, and the day after that, I was offered a place at Herzog Fox & Neeman. This is one of the things I grew to like about Herzog Fox & Neeman. You’re given every opportunity to “hit the ground running”, to learn on the job surrounded by remarkable lawyers who also happen to be remarkable people, and to make the most of the opportunities that are thrown at you.

    Of all the firms in Israel, Herzog Fox & Neeman is clearly the one which can offer not only the most opportunity, but also the most stability. Even in difficult economic times, Herzog Fox & Neeman has a large and busy international team which is constantly looking to recruit good people who know how to communicate, how to think, and how to work with people. Especially when you’re new in Israel, being constantly surrounded by intelligent and helpful Hebrew and English speakers who want to get to know you, is an incredible start and helps immensely with navigating the bureaucracy and unfamiliar culture.

    What is your biggest challenge?

    “My biggest challenge is finding the subtle balance for the client between acting within the existing regulatory framework, creative, flexible thinking and offering “out of the box” solutions.”

    What do you love most about the firm?

    “Professionalism without compromise and a loving family!  The workplace should not just be a place you occasionally visit in order to collect your monthly salary.  I feel that Herzog Fox & Neeman and its legal team – professional and administrative – are, quite simply, family and friends!  And of course, the expertise and uncompromising professionalism of Israel’s most esteemed lawyers, who have trained both at home and abroad, with whom I work each day on the biggest, most complex transactions on the domestic and international market.  There is no limit to the legal challenges and the scope of legal work.  It is an honour to be a part of it.”

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