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Our firm is one of the few major law firms in Israel which has a specialized department concerning all aspects of Israel’s higher education laws.

The lawyers in this department have extensive experience in representing and dealing with higher academic institutions in various fields operating throughout the country, including their being recognized and authorized by the Council for Higher Education. In this regard, the department advises Israel’s leading universities and colleges in Israel on a broad spectrum of Issues.

The firm deals with both ongoing consultation and representation of higher education institutions, in connection with the daily issues associated with their operation and management and the state bodies which have ultimate responsibility for such institutions. The firm also deals with substantive issues such as:

  • Corporate management of the institutions that are incorporated as nonprofit organizations, including advice to the General Meeting, the Executive Committee, the Audit Committee and other sub-committees of the Executive Board.
  • Promoting and approving new programs set by the Council for Higher Education.
  • Managing and conducting negotiations with the various divisions within the Council for Higher Education.
  • Preparation and revisions to the regulations applicable to the higher education institution.
  • Consultation on procedures and guidelines issued by the Council for Higher Education in a variety of fields.
  • Taxation of non-profit organizations, including in connection with obtaining approval under Section 46 of the Income Tax Ordinance.
  • Preparing and reviewing agreements with donors.
  • Labor law advice with regard to employees in these institutions, including advising on and managing individual negotiations and collective bargaining agreements.
  • Supporting the ongoing operations of the institution, including with regard to contracts with suppliers, advice on issues of intellectual property, real estate, privacy protection and freedom of information, which is handled by specialist departments and professionals in our firm.

The department has a particular expertise in advising Charitable Companies and Amutot (non-profit organizations). This is of particular significance with respect to higher education institutions, particularly since they are established as non-profitable organizations.

As an example: our firm advises its clients, which are higher education institutions, in the field of specific labor laws for employees in these institutions, including the management of individual negotiations and collective bargaining. In this regard, our firm has advised the Committee of University Heads concerning various tax issues, which are relevant to all universities (such as, the taxation of scholarships and funds established for scientific research).

The extent of the expertise of the lawyers in this department, in conjunction with experts from other fields, ensures that our higher education institutions clients will receive the best possible legal advice.

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