Internet & E-commerce

Herzog Fox & Neeman is engaged in a wide variety of activities in the internet, e-commerce, download, monetization and AdTech fields. The firm provides its clients with the information and advice they need to keep up with the latest regulatory, legislative and strategic issues shaping this industry and to implement the necessary regulatory requirements in their innovative products and business models.

Our Work:
The services provided by the Internet and E-commerce group include providing advice on:
• Establishing and operating e-commerce companies, including advice on suitable jurisdictions of incorporation
• Legal issues concerning e-commerce, including such issues as governing law, jurisdiction, and enforcement
• Regulatory and compliance issues relating to digital advertising, monetization models, affiliation and publishing
• Cyber, data security and information investments
• Issues relating to forms of payment over the internet
• Issues relating to domain name registration and enforcement actions against cyber-squatting

Our Team:
The group is headed by partners Meir Linzen and Gil White, who also oversee Herzog Fox & Neeman’s Gaming department. The Internet and E-Commerce group comprises several additional partners and associates dealing with various aspects of internet and e-commerce. Dr. Nimrod Kozlovki is a senior consultant in the group and brings to our practice his reputed experience in the industry.

Gil White


Corporate Finance, Cryptocurrency, Fintech, Gaming, Internet & E-commerce

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