Tali Azriel


Adv. and CPA Tali Azriel is a partner and head of VAT practice at Herzog Fox & Neeman, with more than 13 years of experience in the field.

Prior joining Herzog Fox & Neeman, Tali served as a manager in the VAT professional department at the Israel Tax Authorities. In this role, Tali spearheaded reforms in the policy in cases where there are disputes regarding VAT matters. In addition, Tali took part in determining the rules of interpretation and was responsible for publishing professional circulars and tax rulings, and she also represented the VAT authorities at meetings of the OECD, where the main topic was the digital economy. Furthermore, Tali advised the officers and management of the Tax Authorities.

Tali provides legal advice, regarding complex VAT issues, to local and multinational corporations operating in various fields, including real estate, industry, telecommunications, the digital economy, finance, capital markets and more, all with the objective of optimizing the VAT reports and minimizing the tax burden.

Tali’s expertise focuses on conducting proceedings and representing clients in dealings with the Tax Authorities, such as in VAT assessments, special tax arrangements and tax rulings. Moreover, Tali provides opinions on a wide range of VAT matters including advance planning of operational structures in order to maximize the right to deduct input tax, as well as on international transactions.

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