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17 February 2021

Israeli Women in Law

In recent years, the percent of women practicing law is growing rapidly paste. As the century turned, this trend became even more prominent. By the late 2000s, in many countries around the world, 50% of practicing lawyers were women.  Although this transformation is, by all means, positive, there is still much to be done in order to ensure a genuine long lasting change in this matter, that in its purest essence, embodies the concept of justice in its most fundamental state.

The following segments will present the important role of women in law, characterize the special qualities of Israeli women practicing law and explain why hiring such powerful attorneys will promote justice on several different levels.

The balance scale of lady justice depicts the process of weighing the evidence in the search of truth and justice, the sword represents authority and the swift and final manner in which justice is executed and the blindfolds represent the impartial and objective nature of justice, no matter who you are, all are equal in the eyes of the law.

Alongside these courageous women, major law firms around the globe work to promote gender equality. Such companies like the Israeli-based law firm Herzog Fox & Neeman, do all that is necessary in order to provide women with all the tools they in order to reach their fullest potential.  For this reason, many of the leading women practicing law in Israel can be found at Herzog Fox & Neeman.


The unique qualities of Israeli women practicing law

The state of Israel was founded in 1948 under dire conditions.  There was a lot of work to be done, and the young pioneers who came here all joined forces to establish new homes, streets, factories, everything needed for a community to thrive. In order to succeed in such a grand mission, traditional gender roles were set aside, and women were able to take part and participate in fields that are traditionally male dominant.

In the years that followed, women in Israel continued taking a significant part in many crucial fields,

Naturally, this unique history manifests itself in the mentality of Israeli women and is especially useful for those of them who choose to practice law. Israeli women lawyers are known to be fierce, strong willed and self-reliant, attributes that make them exceptional lawyers.

Legal counsels with an Israeli background, are rather often extremely good at finding brilliant creative solutions to many types of legal problems. These lawyers are frequently extremely assertive and strong-willed, helping their clients to achieve their goals in one way or another.


Fighting for justice – the way of Herzog Fox & Neeman

“Fight for the things that you care about. But do it in a way that will lead others to join you.”

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Herzog Fox & Neeman is one of those agents leading to a better tomorrow for all people regardless of their gender.

The remarkable team of layers in Herzog Fox & Neeman consists of outstanding women, who alongside their busy schedule take time to carry out projects designed to establish a better, more just society for all of us. These projects include mentoring young attorneys, organizing forums and conferences to benefit fellow women colleges, leading committees devoted to promoting diversity, and more.

Fortunately, with over 400 accomplished Israeli lawyers specialising in the various fields, Herzog Fox & Neeman is a one-stop shop able to handle all your legal matters, both on the global level as well as the local one. Among a number of new sector-oriented departments, the first of their kind in Israel, are Cryptocurrency, Crisis Management, Fintech, Urban Renewal, Impact Investment, Insurance-Tech, and more. This team of experts has won awards and recognition on numerous platforms for instance Tier 1 rankings by major legal guides such as Chambers, The Legal 500, IFLR and more, as well as significant awards from Chambers, International Tax Review, Who’s Who Legal, Legal Media Group and more.


The outstanding women in law at Herzog’s team

In Herzog Fox & Neeman, many of the major roles are occupied by the outstanding women in law who work the firm:


Labour & Employment Department

Orly Gerbi


Orly Gerbi is considered one of the leading lawyers practicing Israeli employment law. In addition, she is the founding member and head of Herzog Fox & Neeman’s Labour and Employment Law practice department, regarded as one of the leading groups operating in Israel, both by local and international standards. If you require legal aid in labour law, contact Orly Gerbi for further information about the department and the legal assistance it can provide you.

Contact Orly

Labour & Employment Department


Financial Regulation

Liat Maidler


Liat specialises in representing major financial entities and individual clients worldwide in connection with financial regulation, compliance, corporate governance and licensing processes in Israel, including investment advisers, investment marketers, portfolio managers, Broker-Dealer and web platform activities, Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange membership (TASE), clearing activities, securities offering and initial coin offerings (ICOs).

Contact Liat

Financial Regulation Department



Janet Levy Pahima


Legal 500 has described Janet Levy Pahima as an “outstanding corporate lawyer”. Janet Levy Pahima and her team of experts offer the best legal aid one can find in this arena. Contact Janet Levy Pahima for further information about her team’s excellent counsel.

Contact Janet

Corporate Department


Environment and Climate Change

Ruth Dagan


Ruth Dagan is the head of the Environment and Climate Change Department and head of the Industrial Manufacturing department at Herzog Fox & Neeman. When in need of legal assistance from a team of experts specialising in crisis management and environment & climate change litigation, contacting Ruth Dagan and her team will yield the best results.

Contact Ruth

Environment and Climate Change Department


Antitrust & Competition

Talya Solomon


With over 20 years of extensive experience in all aspects of antitrust and competition laws, Talya Solomon is the head of the Antitrust and Competition Department at Herzog Fox & Neeman. If you need aid with the civil, administrative, and criminal aspects of antitrust and competition law, be sure to contact Talya Solomon and her team.

Contact Talya

Antitrust & Competition Department


Private Clients

Revital Katz


Using her extensive understanding of trusts and estates, Revital Kats and her team aid private clients with estate planning, wills, property agreements, and other matters that private clients sometimes have to face. Contact her for outstanding legal support in such matters.

Contact Revital

Private Clients Department



Esther Sternbach


Esther Sternbach and her team provide legal aid to the largest media and telecommunications companies in Israel. If you want to be represented by one of the leading telecommunications and media lawyers operating in Israel today, contact Esther Sternbach.

Contact Esther

Telecoms, Media & Entertainment


Intellectual Property

Karen Elburg


In order to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing field of Intellectual Property laws, highly professional legal aid is required. In Herzog Fox & Neeman, Karen Elburg is trusted upon the firm’s Intellectual Property Practice. For this reason, if you wish to defend your intellectual property, it is highly recommended you contact Karen Elburg and her leading team.

Contact Karen

Intellectual Property Department



Tal Dror-Schwimmer


Being the head of the famously successful Funds Department of Herzog Fox & Neeman, Tal Dror-Schwimmer works with the most well-known debt funds, hedge funds, venture capital funds, growth funds, and private equity funds in Israel. Contact Tal Dror-Schwimmer and her team for the best legal aid in these fields.

Contact Tal

Investment Funds Department


Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation

Shachar Porat


Specializing in tax, Shachar Porat counsels various clients about matters concerning employee benefits and executive compensation. Among the many clients of her department, there are start-up companies, multinational publicly listed companies, financial institutions, senior employees, and executives about the various aspects of designing, designing, implementing, and managing compensation plans and benefits based on equity.

Contact Shachar

Employee Benefits and Executive Compensation


Banking & Finance

Irit Roth


Irit has unparalleled experience on all domestic and cross-border financing, regulatory and compliance issues arising in the Israeli banking and finance sector.  Irit focuses her practice on banking, financial regulation, and finance, covering financial services regulation and transactional matters, including corporate finance, derivatives, financial instruments, anti-money laundering and compliance as well as a number of legislative initiatives.

Contact Irit

Banking & Finance Department


The women in law working in Herzog Fox & Neeman compose an outstanding team of legal experts which enables Herzog Fox & Neeman to stand out and achieve many accomplishments in international and local law. Through their important work, the women of Herzog Fox & Neeman pave the way for a better tomorrow and a healthier more just society that will benefit both men and women alike.

Contact Herzog if you wish to enjoy the finest legal counsel available in Israel today.

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