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“You Can Predict the Crime, but You Don’t Have to Wait for it to Happen” | Dr. Nimrod Kozlovski at Mind the Tech

15 April 2019

Dr. Nimrod Kozlovski, Co-head of Technology and Regulation, spoke at the New York-based Mind the Tech Conference on how artificial intelligence changes the way we prevent and investigate crimes in the cyber age.

According to Dr. Kozlovski one can differentiate between the normal behaviour of an employee and on the other hand, to isolate behaviour which could suggest cyber-hacking. This type of profiling can be used for identifying potential criminals.

“In the digital age, traditional methods of managing crimes are no longer viable, as stolen money can be transferred as cryptocurrency, stealth communication is not only encrypted but often untappable, and use of the dark web is rampant. Big data and artificial intelligence, however, can give law enforcement and cybersecurity companies a leg up in the form of pro-active security”, he said.

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