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Publications by Adar Bengom (Ortal)

6 June 2017



  • Neil Wilkof and Adar Ortal, “Protection of Foreign Works“ , in Creating Rights: Readings in Copyright Law 615 (Michael Birnhack, Guy Pessach, eds., 2009)English
  • Neil Wilkof and Adar Ortal “Joint Ownership Rights In Israel” les Nouvelles – December 2012
  • Neil Wilkof and Adar Ortal “CARGLASS Marks Cancelled on Grounds of Non-Use” World Trademark Review 30.1.2009
  • Neil Wilkof and Adar Ortal “GlaxoSmithKline Avoids Headache on Appeal” World Trademark Review 10.11.2008
  • Neil Wilkof, Gilad Shay and Adar Ortal “Product Configuration Cannot be Registered based on Inherent Distinctiveness” World Trademark Review 21.4.2008
  • Neil Wilkof and Adar Ortal “Marot Image Ltd. V Tzabar Tourism Ltd.” 19 Ent.L.R (6) (2008)
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