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Partner Gilad Majerowicz: “The involvement of Japanese conglomerates and funds in the hi-tech industry in Israel is steadily growing”

16 January 2022

Partner Gilad Majerowicz, Head of Herzog’s Japan Practice, talked about the involvement of Japanese conglomerates in the Israeli  hi-tech industry in an article on IsraelDesks.

“According to the report, Japanese investments accounted for 15.8% of all foreign investment in Israel in 2021, and reached a record number of USD 2.9 billion in 2021. The numbers in the past five years have been growing nicely every year, and there is a reason for that. Israeli technology in areas such as automotive, agri-technology, industry 4.0, food-tech, fin-tech, and digital health, areas which attract most of the Japanese investments in Israel, address specific market needs in Japan. Also, many of the barriers that prevented Japanese companies from getting involved in the Israeli market, like the Arab boycott, has already been removed; therefore I believe we will continue seeing growing involvement of Japanese companies and funds in the Israeli high tech market in the years to come.”

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