Webinar | Trends in the U.S. equity capital markets during COVID-19

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Webinar | Trends in the U.S. equity capital markets during COVID-19

13 July 2020

In 2019, Herzog Fox & Neeman and Jefferies LLC (the Global Investment Bank)  made history in their monumental IPO of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.  Jefferies and Herzog Fox & Neeman lead the offering targeting global small and mid cap investors and local investors by completing both a Local IPO and a 144A/ Reg. S global offering resulting in very strong demand from investors across the U.S., EU and Asia Pacific.

The massive disruption caused by Covid-19 in 2020 has resulted in significant volatility and an increased need for capital.  Notwithstanding,  the U.S. equity markets have been surprisingly resilient and active.
Please join Crystal Shen, Jefferies Head of U.S. Technology ECM and Natti Ginor, Head of Israel Investment Banking, for a discussion of current trends in the capital markets, with a focus on equity financing solutions in the Technology sector.

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This event is only for Jefferies and Herzog Fox & Neeman’s clients. Members of the Media and the Press are not authorized to attend this event. If you work for the Media or the Press, you are prohibited from participating. The content presented at this event is proprietary to, and/or subject to the copyrights of, Jefferies or third parties.  As a matter of legal compliance, we remind you that you must not attempt to elicit from any speaker at this event any material nonpublic information or other confidential information, and accordingly the speaker may decline to respond to any question in his or her sole discretion. You may not publish or otherwise publicly disclose the name of, or otherwise identify, the speakers unless Jefferies permits it in writing. By attending this event, you agree to all of these restrictions.
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