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9 November 2020

A New Fintech Region

 Enabling Synergies Between the Two Leading Fintech Hubs

The Abraham Accords between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, have great economic potential for both sides. The financial market is one of the most interesting arenas for economic cooperation between the two countries, and there is potential for joint action in the immediate term. The principalities have become the fourth largest trading area in the world, and since the UAE has become a major significant financial center in the region, all fintech technologies are highly desirable. Israel has plenty to contribute in this area.

Join us for a unique webinar, where we will be discussing the financial opportunities from the agreement, while exploring the creation of sustainable partnerships between the two leading financial centers in the middle east.


Opening Remarks

Ms. Carmen James

Financial Services & ICT Sector Lead, Abu Dhabi Investment Office

Roundtable discussion

Roundtable discussion

Moderator- Mr. Aviv Barzilay

Head of Strategy, Herzog Strategic


Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupt, Associate Director, Abu Dhabi Global Market

Mr. Omry Ben David, General Partner, Viola Venture, Viola Group

Mr. Babak Ahmadzadeh, Director & Co-founder, Plug and Play

Ms. Idit Shamir, Head of Special Projects, The Economic Division,

Abraham Accords Task Force, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel

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