Developments in international travel to Israel

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Developments in international travel to Israel

20 December 2020

Dear Clients and Colleagues,

Responding to increasing infection rates (both in Israel and abroad), the Israeli government recently declared that, effective today (20 December 2020), all countries are considered “red” under the existing color-coded rating system for international travel and that all travelers entering Israel from a foreign country will be subject to a 14-day period of mandatory self-isolation (which, under certain circumstances, can be shortened to just 10 days if the individual passes COVID-19 diagnosis testing at stated intervals).

Importantly, if an individual returns from a country that, until today, was listed as “green” and does so by 26 December 2020, he or she is exempt from mandatory self-isolation upon entry.

In addition, the Israeli government is contemplating even more signification restrictions on travel from the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Denmark – based on concerns about a new strain of the COVID-19 virus. The government has yet to reach a final decision in this regard. However, we understand that the contemplated measures could include: (i) a requirement that all Israeli citizens and residents enter special “quarantine hotels” after entering the country from any of the aforementioned countries; and (ii) a ban on entry to Israel for anyone who is not a citizen or resident of Israel and who traveled from one of the aforementioned countries.

We will continue to update you as things develop.

Herzog Fox & Neeman

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