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Beyond Real Estate | Why Invest in Real Estate in Greece & Cyprus?

31 October 2019

More and more Israelis are making real estate investments in Greece and Cyprus to purchase residential and

commercial properties. The Greek economy is finally facing a new cycle of growth after a dark decade of crisis while recent government measures are expected to fuel the full recovery of the real estate market. At the same time, the real estate market in Cyprus is experiencing continuous increase in growth and value over the span of 5 years, with 47% of the contracts of sale being submitted by non-nationals in 2018.

Come and listen to innovative conversations and cutting-edge discussions among top lawyers and real estate experts from Greece, Cyprus & Israel.

For your convenience, please find the event presentation below.

For the Eurofast organisation profile presentation, click here>>
For the Greek & Cypriot investment opportunities presentation, click here>>
For the tax and legal atmosphere for real estate investments presentation, click here>>
For the  real estate Investment opportunities in Cyprus presentation, click here>>
For the real estate outside Israel presentation, click here>>
For the investment structures reaching to maturity presentation, click here>>
*The conference is for all management levels of investment and insurance companies, private clients, trustees and family offices.

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