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29.01.19 | Security and Asset-Based Tokens – Where Crypto is Today

29 January 2019

If 2018 was the year of the ICO, 2019 is shaping up to be the year of the security and asset-based tokens. The tokenisation of assets of all sorts has the potential to revolutionise trillions in capital, and to usher in a new chapter in the evolution of the crypto industry.

Just as we did at our ICO conference in 2017, we are bringing a team of international experts and industry leaders together, to discuss what it means to tokenise, who should pursue this opportunity and why, what challenges lie ahead and where we think the world of crypto is headed in 2019.

17:00-17:30 Gathering & Registration
17:30-17:40 Opening Remarks

Yehoshua Shohat Gurtler, Partner, Cryptocurrencies Practice, Herzog Fox & Neeman

David Zaslowsky, Partner, Head of Litigation Department, Baker Mckenzie

17:40-17:55 The State of Crypto | Where we are and how we got here


17:55-18:35 Panel | Security Tokens | The Business Case

Moderator: Yehoshua Shohat Gurtler, Partner, Cryptocurrencies Practice, Herzog Fox & Neeman


Ron Palas, Founder,

Tal Elyashiv, Founder, Securitize + Spice.VC

18:35-18:50 Coffee Break

Panel | Security Tokens | Legal Considerations Worldwide

Moderator: Samuel G. Kramer, Partner,  Mobile Virtual Network Operator Practice (MVNO), Baker Mckenzie


Stephanie Magnus, Partner,  Head of Financial Services Regulatory & FinTech Practice, Baker Mckenzie Singapore

Sue McLean, Partner, IT/Commercial Practice,  Baker Mckenzie UK

19:30-20:00 Panel | The Future of Security Tokens

Moderator: Yair Geva, Partner, Head of Hi Tech Department, Herzog Fox & Neeman


Amadeo Moscato, COO, DX.Exchange

Nir Geffen Shimoni, Managing Partner, Better Alternative

Alon Hod, Head of Strategic Projects, First

20:00-20:15 Q&A

The event will take place at Herzog Fox & Neeman, Weizmann 4, Tel Aviv between 17:00-20:00.

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