890 Paratroopers Foundation

Pro Bono

890 Paratroopers Foundation

We are proud to share our pro-bono project in cooperation with the 890 Paratroopers Foundation.

Adv. Edward Levdansky from our litigation and intellectual property department is a veteran of Battalion 890, and he initiated this project.

The Foundation is an inter-generational community connecting between the men and women who served in 890 Battalion of the Paratroopers Brigade, and providing them support , including in dealing with PTSD.

Besides legal support to veterans of the battalion, the project includes meeting with law students who were in the battalion to help them integrate into the legal field. This includes preparing them for job interviews and organizing practical meetings, like the meeting we hosted last Thursday, bringing law students and potential law students to the offices of Herzog.

Extra thanks to our specialists who delivered lectures introducing their areas of practice: Dr. Moran Yemini spoke about litigation, Janet Pahima discussed mergers and acquisitions, Idan Yehuda shared his expertise in real estate and urban renewal, Nurit Dagan covered the commercial department and regulation, Nadav Lev talked about intellectual property, and Eddie explained the integration of intellectual property with litigation.  Special thanks to our interns, Daniella Weiss and Shai Paritsky, who gave the students a tour of our offices. Kudos to Janet,  Adv. Zahava Moerdler and Eddie for organizing this day!

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