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Adv. Guy Ne’eman is the head of the white collar and special solutions field at Herzog, Litigation Department. Adv. Guy Ne’eman specializes in corporate-economic litigation, capital market and securities law, white collar, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, economic and commercial law, etc.

Guy Ne’eman is one of the leading attorneys in Israel in his areas of expertise, particularly in corporate law, securities and capital markets. He is considered one of the top litigators in Israel in the field of corporate and economic litigation, representing a variety of corporate disputes as well as civil, administrative (Israel Securities Authority) and criminal cases (district court, economic department). In addition, he is one of the leading experts in Israel in crisis management and solutions.

Guy Ne’eman holds many years of experience in the fields of economic and corporate law, including civil commercial law, corporate governance, securities and more, and has experience in advising a variety of companies, private and public, local and international, as well as capital groups and private investors, in a wide range of commercial-economic-corporate law areas.

Among his clients in recent years there is public companies, directors and managers or controlling shareholders: defense of the public collapse of NIS 110 million, the collapse of Brookland a public company in the amount of NIS 100 million, the collapse of Ortam a public company in the amount of NIS 200 million, representation of the public company in the Locka-Alrov public derivative in the amount of NIS 510 million and in another derivative against the public Alrov in respect of purchases of shares in the amount of NIS 750 million, defense of a claim of 40% of the shares of the public company “Buff” on the issuance, in a claim of interest in Better-Can in the Economic Court for the convening of shares of control of the merger transaction with the publicly traded InterCure, as well as in, Protolegix- Biond Time). A. Dori (white collar), Gazprom (white collar). Also, The purchase of control in the public company E.M.T by the value of 720 million NIS by Fimi Fund, a merger of the publicly traded InterCure with the Canadian SPAC, a merger between the two public companies of the Alrov conglomerate (Alrov Real Estate and Hotels Ltd. to Alrov Israel Ltd.) as part of structural consolidation, and more.

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Guy Ne’eman

” Guy Ne’eman is simply brilliant. He knows the law and has a brilliant tactical mindset”

Legal 500

  • Senior partner, Balter Guth Aloni Ne'eman Keynan (2019-2023)

  • Senior partner, at a firm that his name was part of the firm name and was one of the 25 largest firms (2019-2017)
  • Adv. Ne'eman was as co-chairman of the Capital Market and Business Committee of the Bar Association, Tel Aviv District, and previously as co-chairman of the Corporations Committee.
  • Founding partner, Ne'eman Keynan & Co. | N|T|K & CO. firm;
  • Associate, Gornitzky & Co. (2003-2011)

  • 2005
  • L.L.B. from Bar Ilan University.
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