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9 October 2023


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As you have seen over the past days, these are difficult times in Israel. The unimaginable, vicious, barbarous attacks on our people and our country have caused immense numbers of casualties and the ongoing horror of Hamas captivity for hundreds of our citizens. We are sure you have seen the pictures and films and heard the eyewitness testimonies that have already been made public. We never imagined such scenes of Jews being slaughtered would be seen again.

As representatives of Israel’s leading law firms and the Israel Bar Association, we feel it is our duty to help our country and those of our fellow citizens in need in any way we can. Each of our firms has already been heavily involved in providing immediate assistance in multiple ways and while these efforts continue, we are now looking to the future to see what else we can do.

One of the ways we believe that we, as law firms, can help is to make contact with those of our friends and colleagues outside of Israel who may be in a position to assist in the international arena.

This is an attempt to put together a group of representatives of major law firms and leading lawyers throughout the world, thus establishing a platform of individuals and firms that may be in a position to help and who are willing to be called on when needed for assistance with matters in their expertise or jurisdiction. As the situation here develops, we will reach out to you with specific requests for help that we have identified as being needed to assist the victims and hostages. We will also use this platform to provide materials to support the undeniably justified war that Israel has been forced to fight for the future of our beloved country.

We appreciate that this is a lot to ask of individuals and businesses and of course there
is no obligation or pressure to respond. However if you think you or your organization are willing and able to help, we ask that you please register your information at the following link.


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