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Election Day for Municipal Authorities and Regional Councils, 2023

10 September 2023

Dear Clients and Friends,

As you know, in nearly two months, on Tuesday, October 31, 2023, elections for municipal authorities and regional councils will be held. Below is a short review of the implications of this Election Day relating to labor and employee matters.

As per Amendment 44 to the Local Authorities (Elections) Law, 5725-1965, beginning with 2018 this day has been considered a public holiday, similar in status to the national Knesset Election Day.

This status applies both to employees whose workplace is within a municipality or regional council where elections are to be held, as well as to employees registered in the voter roll of such a local authority where elections are to be held, even if their workplace is not within an authority where elections will be held.

Under the Law, an employee who has worked for an employer for at least fourteen consecutive days before Election Day, is entitled to the salary he or she would have received had it not been a public holiday (that is, the same as what he or she receives when not working on a holiday).

We stress that most workplaces (excluding transportation and public services in categories determined by the Interior Minister) are not permitted to force employees to attend work on a holiday; however, employees who work on an Election Day of their own free will are entitled to special remuneration, over and above their regular salary.

As per the prevailing position regarding the national elections to the Knesset, an employee working on this Election Day will be entitled to double his or her salary (that is, his salary at a rate of 200%), or, alternatively, to his or her regular salary and an additional vacation day.

Please bear in mind that in accordance with Amendment 54 to the Local Authorities Law, which entered into effect on July 13, 2023, an employee who is not a resident of Israel is required to work on Election Day, and is not entitled to special remuneration for working on that day.

We recommend that you check your firm’s needs relating to Election Day in advance, and, if necessary, consider utilizing special operating and compensation mechanisms.


We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with any further advice needed.

The Labour & Employment Department

Herzog Fox & Neeman

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