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Easing of Third Lockdown Restrictions

7 February 2021

Dear Clients and Colleagues,

Following a lockdown, which entered into effect on January 8, 2021 and imposed strict restrictions that prevented activity at many workplaces, the government decided to ease the restrictions as of this morning, February 7, 2021, at 07:00.

Accordingly, after employees were not permitted to attend workplaces during the past few weeks (other than in the case of workplaces or activities that were defined as excluded from the restrictions imposed by the applicable regulations), workplaces that do not accept members of the public, may now resume activity. 

The “Purple Seal” rules shall continue to apply to all workplace attendance.


Employers are facing many questions in light of the continued rising infection rates on the one hand and the progressing rate of vaccination of the population on the other hand. Such questions include, whether employers may, inquire as to their employees vaccination status; set terms and restrictions for the activity of employees who have not been vaccinated; incentivize employees to get vaccinated; and, whether employers may require employees to take a Covid-19 test.

At this stage, most of these questions do not have a conclusive response; which depends on the circumstances and characteristics of each workplace. Employers seeking to take such steps are welcome to approach our firm for specific advice.

We will, of course, continue to issue updates in relation to any relevant developments.

The Labour and Employment Department
Herzog Fox & Neeman

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