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Client Update | CCPA Compliance Playbook for GDPR Compliant Companies

5 May 2019

At the beginning of next year (2020), the new  data protection reform in California (the California Consumer Privacy Act, or the “CCPA”) will come into effect, which will dramatically change the current data protection regulatory framework in the most populous state in the US. The underlying aim of the CCPA is to grant consumers greater control over the use of their personal information online, and similar to the European General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), it will very importantly, have extra-territorial reach.

Recently, we have received a number of enquiries from clients who have invested significant efforts in addressing the GDPR’s requirements, and who now wish to understand the practical steps they should take for the purpose of bridging and implementing the practical differences between their approach to the GDPR and the new CCPA requirements. Accordingly,  we are pleased to introduce Herzog Fox & Neeman’s CCPA Compliance Playbook – a practical guide which highlights the most important actions to be taken by organizations in order to comply with the “new regulatory regime”, particularly within the context of their preparing to meet the GDPR’s requirements.

In view of the fact that various amendments to the CCPA are being proposed, which are being debated by the California legislature, we will be carefully monitoring and analyzing any of these amendments and of course, any further regulatory guidelines to be brought into force. We will ensure that our guide is updated, as necessary.

We encourage all of our clients to take the appropriate steps to address the legal requirements arising from the CCPA. We would be pleased to assist in advising on any of the steps to be taken for its implementation.

For the CCPA Compliance Playbook, click here>>

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