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Client Update | Assessments for the Replacement of the Custom Administration’s Foreign Trade Operation System of the State of Israel and the Implications for Import Processes

30 November 2017

The Israeli Tax Authority (hereinafter: “the ITA”) is currently preparing to replace the Custom Administration’s foreign trade system of Israel with a new system called “Global Gate “.

  • The new system is intended to replace the operational systems currently used by the Customs Administration and to serve all the parties involved in the foreign trade processes of Israel (importers, customs agents, international shippers, seaports, airports, land crossings, airlines, shipping companies, transport companies, bonded warehouses and government ministries (competent authorities) and employees of the Tax Authority).
  • According to the ITA’s updates, the system will be replaced on January 14, 2018, when the existing system will cease to operate from January 10, 2018 at 18:00. This, of course requires special preparation by the entire trade and importers community and in particular, the customs agents.

To read the full client update – click here.

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