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Ben Wahlhaus at the International Court of Justice (the ICJ)

16 January 2024

Congratulations to Ben Wahlhaus, from our Corporate and Securities Department, who is a member of the team defending Israel at the International Court of Justice (the ICJ), and who was part of the delegation in The Hague last week!

Since October 7, Ben has been on reserve duty in the IDF’s International Law Department, where he served for over a decade before joining Herzog.

Over the past few months, Ben has used his expertise in international law and experience representing Israel in international negotiations to explain Israel’s case to legal and diplomatic audiences and the media.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Ben and the rest of the Israeli delegation in The Hague. Thank you for making our voice heard throughout the world, for representing us with respect in the international media and on diplomatic and legal fronts, and for fighting for justice for the people of Israel.

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