Dr. Nimrod Kozlovski Discusses AI at 5th Jerusalem PPE Convention

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Dr. Nimrod Kozlovski Discusses AI at 5th Jerusalem PPE Convention

30 May 2018

 Dr. Nimrod Kozlovski participated in the 5th Jerusalem PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) Convention, “Artificial Intelligence | An Alternative Outlook” held on Tuesday 29th of May at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The convention is designed to bring PPE experts and the public together to promote a multidisciplinary discourse on the issues facing the public agenda derived from the world of concepts, methodology, traditions and experience accumulated in the three disciplines.

The conference is the initiative of students of the Interdisciplinary Programme (Philosophy, Economics and Political Science) of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  Each year, the conference is attended by lecturers, analysts and key stakeholders in the public and industrial sectors, academics, policymakers, students and graduates.

For several years now, we have witnessed a fruitful discourse on technological progress, on automation in the employment market, on sophisticated patents that change our way of life, step by step, but at a dizzying speed, towards a mysterious new world for humankind.  But despite the technological discourse, the question remains, have we considered the implications for society, the economy, morality, state institutions, politics and humanity itself?  The convention presents a different angle – and poses the questions that remain unanswered.

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