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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones): Applications and Investment and Collaboration Opportunities between Canada and Israel

10 November 2020

On November 10 we held the Maple & Honey Forum special presentation on drones, focusing on commercial and non-commercial applications and investment and collaboration opportunities between Canada and Israel. This webinar was hosted by our partner Aviram Hazak  and two of the heads of Bennett Jones’ Canada-Israel initiative Ted Shoub with Elad Travis.

On the webinar we discussed:

  • Commercial use of drones: opportunities for monitoring of mines and forests, infrastructure (oil and gas), utility and power, agriculture and delivery of goods to remote locations;
  • Military/emergency service use of drones: opportunities for security, patrol, surveillance, policing, search and rescue and fire-fighting;
  • Opportunities for private equity and venture capital to invest in Israeli and Canadian drone companies;
  • Joint venture, R&D and collaboration opportunities on drones between Canada and Israel.


Click here to watch the webinar

For your convenience, links to the panelists’ showcase videos can be found here for viewing:

SkyX Ltd. – Revolutionizing how aerial data is accumulated and actioned.

AerialX Drone Solutions Inc. – AI solutions against unmanned airborne threats.

Xtend Reality Expansion Ltd. – Pushing the bounds of reality, integrating the human experience into drones.

Gadfin Aero-Logistics Systems – Presenting the next generation of air cargo drones.

Israel Aerospace Industries  – World leadership in unmanned aerial systems with unique expertise in combat proven systems based on state of the art technologies.

Elbit Systems Ltd. – Ultimate UAS solution for today’s complex challenges.

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