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Partner Gilad Majerowicz hosted the Cybersecurity and Mobility Panel at the Cybertech Tokyo Conference

4 April 2022

In the recent Cybertech Tokyo Conference, Israeli and Japanese experts participated in a panel discussion “Cybersecurity and Mobility” moderated by Partner Gilad Majerowicz.

Elchanan Harel, President of Harel-Hertz Investment House Ltd said: “Last year, we got some $400 million in investment from Japan in 15 cases – the total cases of investment from Japan were 85 cases,” said Harel, adding that although the pandemic kept face-to-face communications at bay, “the trust between the two business communities (Israel and Japan) is overwhelming.”

However, replying to Partner Gilad Majerowicz’s question on whether these impressive numbers will continue in 2022, Harel was cautious. “It’s quite early to state, we will have a better picture in spring, but I think it’s going to be, hopefully, the same level. 2022 is forecast to be a difficult year, the market won’t be as friendly as it used to be, it may lead to a moderate growth – I hope it will still be a growth.”

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