Moria Tam-Harshoshanim


Moria is a partner in the firm’s Labour and Employment Department. Moria specializes in advising local and international clients in both the public and private sectors in labour law and social security matters. Moria provides continuous guidance to clients regarding a variety of aspects relating to employees.

Additionally, Moria provides professional counselling in respect of the day-to-day employment of employees, and advises clients on various complex strategic matters, such as negotiations for collective bargaining agreements, employment aspects of merger and acquisition transactions and advises public entities on organizational changes and privatisation.

Moria is also a member of the firm’s Litigation team and represents Israeli and international companies in complex labour disputes before various courts.

Moria’s work includes, among other areas:

  • Ongoing advice with respect to all aspects of employment relations, including: employee recruitment, employment terms and conditions, compensation and retirement packages, HR policies, equal opportunities in the workplace, adaptation of international documents to Israeli law, and termination of employment;
  • Assistance in negotiating and drafting agreements, including: executive employment agreements, separation agreements, various compensation packages, confidentiality and non-competition agreements, and consultancy agreements;
  • Advising in international transactions, mergers and acquisitions, organisational changes and privatisations, including, conducting due diligence, assessing legal risks, drafting employment-related provisions for all transaction documents, advising on aspects relating to the change of employers, and preparation of new employment agreements which include special retention packages for employees upon completion of the transaction;
  • Advising in all aspects of the legal requirements and customs in Israel in relation to employee relocation from Israel abroad and vice versa;
  • Providing legal opinions to international clients, including leading international law firms, on the Israeli legal aspects of different employment-related procedures conducted on a world-wide basis.
  • Advising employers in relation to all of the implications of engaging in collective employment relationships, including: assistance and guidance in negotiating, drafting and interpreting collective bargaining agreements;
  • Representing clients in different litigation proceedings in all courts, including with respect to individual litigation, collective employment disputes, social security matters, as well as mediation proceedings;
  • Advising in relation to all aspects of the employment of foreign experts in Israel, including with respect to the employment and immigration laws relevant to employing such individuals and guidance in the process of obtaining work authorizations from governmental authorities in Israel;
  • Advising regarding the engagement of service providers with large number of employees;
  • Advising in the area of pension plans and social security.

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