The New US States Privacy Laws – Herzog Comparative Guide on Key Rights

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The New US States Privacy Laws – Herzog Comparative Guide on Key Rights

20 July 2023

By Ariel Yosefi, On Dvori & Kobi Plotkin

Dear clients, colleagues and friends,

The legal landscape surrounding data protection in the United States has undergone significant changes over the past couple of years. While various attempts to legislate a comprehensive federal privacy law have not succeeded, more and more US states have moved forward with adopting their own comprehensive privacy laws. To date, 12 states have already enacted comprehensive general privacy laws, with many others on the way, resulting in a complex and fragmented regulatory environment.

The various laws share significant similarities in their key concepts and principles (which can be viewed in our detailed playbook comparing these aspects in the first 4 enacted state laws and the European General Data Protection Regulation). However, they vary in the particular rights granted to data subjects and their scope.

Recognizing the challenges that this fragmented landscape presents, we have prepared this concise comparative guide, to assist with navigating through the differences between the various US states’ privacy laws in relation to data subject (consumer) rights and a couple of additional key requirements.

If you require further clarification or guidance on the contents of this table or any other data protection matters, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is constantly monitoring the developments in this area, and we will keep updating this comparative guide as new laws and changes to existing ones occur.

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