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The Climate Change Challenge

24 November 2020

The Climate Change Challenge – What Corporate Legal Counsel Need to Know

Corporations across all business sectors are facing increased risk due to climate change on multiple levels – physical risk to infrastructure and facilities, risk of supply chain disruptions, rising costs of financing and insurance, regulatory and litigation risks.

Recent global developments indicate strong movement by governments, regulators and institutions towards adoption of swift measures designed to address climate change.

This trend is evident from such initiatives as the European Central Bank’s  climate change guidelines, the planned European border carbon-pricing mechanism and numerous climate-related law suits currently pending across the globe.

At the same time, a multitude of financial opportunities arise globally and can be channeled towards corporate growth and risk hedging.

Corporate legal counsel stand at the intersection of these developments, to identify climate-related risks and create tools for their management.

We have invited a distinguished panel of speakers to weigh in on these issues and discuss their practical experience in addressing the corporate climate change challenge as it arises for Israeli and global corporations alike.


Michal Arlosoroff, EVP, Chief Legal Counsel and Chief Sustainability Officer, ADAMA Global

Annclaire Mohr, Managing Attorney, EMEA Business and Regulatory Legal, Intel

Ben Haklai, Commercial Legal Lead – Israel, Microsoft

Dr. Ruth Dagan, Partner, Head of Environmental Law and Climate Change, Herzog Fox Neeman


* The event is held in cooperation with the ACC and is open exclusively to corporate legal counsel.


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