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Blockchain for Global Impact | Practical Tools for Sustainable Development

17 December 2019

‘Blockchain for Global Impact – Practical Tools for Sustainable Development’.

Blockchain is a rapidly evolving area of information technology with the potential for creating huge benefits in terms of security, reliability and cost efficiency in the exchange of information. Blockchain Technology can be a key driver to help implement the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It has the potential to bring together key stakeholders involved in value chains and those regulating them: producers, intermediaries, consumers and the authorities – local, regional, national governments and international institutions. On the crossroads between Africa, Europe and Asia, Tel Aviv is an exceptional site for this one-day event. Blockchain for Global Impact will bring together international and local leaders in development, innovation and utilization of cutting-edge blockchain technologies focused on the SDGs.

Blockchain for Global Impact is the meeting point of two communities at large: leaders well versed in Blockchain and its potential, who are interested in growing sustainable development market opportunities and SDG stakeholders and implementers who seek partnerships, cooperation and education to realize its potential in the context of the 17 SDGs and in a most practical way.

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